Thursday, June 23, 2011

Roastery and other Summer news

We can see the Hub Coffee Roastery just breaking the horizon. We're shooting for July to get things in motion, and by August we hope to be full speed at a wonderful location just behind The Lincoln Lounge at 4th and Evans, near the Reno Aces ballpark.

In the meantime, we'll have some amazing coffees to offer from the roasters we've been working with over the past two years: Ecco Caffe, Intelligentsia, etc.

Central American coffees of the current year's harvest are now being received by roasters all over, so we'll have some delicious Latin offerings for you in the coming month: a tasty Colombian from De La Paz, an organic Bolivian coffee of the Las Yungas region from Ecco Caffe, and so many more.

Currently, we have the organic Bolivia from Ecco available by way of Chemex, a filtered brewing method that highlights sweetness while providing a clean cup of coffee laced with delicate varietal nuance. In the Bolivia Las Yungas, melon candy notes mingle alongside warm apple, surprisingly refreshing on a hot summer day, while maintaining a deeper, rich characteristic so often desired in a cup of well-brewed coffee.

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