Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ethiopia Nigusie Lemma, dry process

It's a mouthful... a tasty mouthful. Ethiopia Nigusie Lemma - our newest coffee being roasted on the San Franciscan at the boss' garage. Dry-processed coffees skip a certain "washing" step in the production process on the coffee farm. The coffee is laid out on large patios to dry in the sun, essentially allowing to sun's radiant power to "clean" the mucilage of the coffee cherry off of the beans. Dry-processed coffees boast sticky, fruity flavors that we like to call "jammy" with a muted acidity; earthy and chocolate notes are also present.

This particular coffee reminds us of toast, chocolate, and something between grape and blueberry jam!

Ask the guys and gals at the shop when there will be some available to drink or take home to enjoy! $14 for 12 oz. You're tastebuds will tell you it's a steal.

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