Thursday, October 22, 2009

CUPPING 10/23 !

Quick announcement: Coffee cupping at The Hub tomorrow 10/23
( FRIDAY ) 10:00 maybe 10:30ish! Show up around then and you'll be able to taste some of the new AWESOMENESS that has just arrived from our good friends at BAREFOOT Coffee Roasters!

On deck tomorrow, we'll be tasting some AMAZING coffees from El Salvador, Brazil and Colombia ! One of them being a much-anticipated new coffee arrival for Barefoot Roasters and the Hub, La Reserva del Diablo from La Trinidad Farms in the Cauca region of Colombia!!

So no need to RSVP, just show up and we'll see you then!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best of Reno!

On behalf of everyone from the coffee shop, thanks to all of The Hub fan club that took the time to vote in this year's Reno News & Review "Best of Northern Nevada." Because of your votes, The Hub Coffee Co. took top honors in the Best New Business category; and Lucas and I took the top two spots in the Best Barista category! Truly an honor.

If you have yet to check out the RN&R's 2009 issue of the "Best of," just click on the picture and you're there! And remember to keep the words "local" and "independent" in mind when it comes time to vote next year.

Thank you again to all of our amazing customers. Whether you voted in the "Best of" this year or not, the vote that truly counts is the one you all make every morning when you're having trouble waking up: "Hmmmm... I think I'll go have some coffee at The Hub this morning!"

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cupping 10/9

Quick announcement: Coffee cupping at The Hub this Friday @ 10! or 11! Show up around that time and you'll be able to join in the awesomeness that is tasting coffees from some of the best farms in el mundo!

We... they, actually, because I can't make it :( will be cupping three separate coffees. The Ethiopian Sidamo Amaro Gayo that you all know and love will be there for you to wrap your lips around; the El Salvador Finca San Jose will be there as well, a fine representative of superior quality coffee, both in regards to taste and its social impact through Barefoot's "relationship coffee" initiative; and making its debut on the cupping table!!! pure Guatemalan goodness, the El Socorro monster-of-a-tasty-coffee! (Preview descriptions of all of these coffees, along with some more in-depth info, can be found somewhere else in this blog... keep scrolling down)

Hope you can make it!