Monday, July 27, 2009

The Hub in the Media

Just back from a little vacation! Luca "I'm not really Mexican" Alvarez, our resident Italian at The Hub, and the big boss himself, Mark Trujillo, were able to hold down the fort alright. But I guess I had to come back some time so they could have a little break.

But while I was away on my little trip, I had time to take everything in. Serenaded by the sea gulls of the Southern Oregon coastline, dreaded golden locks wafting about in the frigid sea breeze, I began to ponder our first month of business... and I began to realize just how lucrative it really was. Case in point: The Hub was featured, in detail, in 5 different publications in its first month alone! One instance being a television report (click me!) by Tom Henkenius of the Channel 2 News! Others included a spotlight in the Green Guide (click me!) of the RN&R, and features on (and me) and Downtown Makeover (and me). And we can't forget the great reviews we've recieved from our happy customers on Yelp (click me too)! And while you're on Yelp, feel free to write another wonderful review. Much appreciated!

So we're into month two now... and we'd like to say thanks to everyone that's made The Hub a huge success already! And for those of you who've yet to check us out, we hope to see you soon for a coffee experience you've never before had in The Biggest Little City.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Harvests

Well into our third week of business (is that it?!? really?) and we will soon be overrun by a ton of new coffees from Barefoot!

As new harvest shipments reach their final destination as virgin green coffee beans, these coffees will be artfully transformed into ready-to-brew brown beauties. Barefoot will be receiving these new shipments over the coming months (some of them are already here!) and, just as soon as Roastmaster Christian Rotsko does what he does and hones in on the delicate perfection that is Barefoot Coffee, we'll be serving them up at The Hub for your enjoyment.

After building up all this anticipation, I figure a little info on the new harvests already available at The Hub couldn't do any harm:

Kenya Nyeri Karindundu
This Kenyan will knock your socks off. Complex and captivating. We were amazed at the cupping table a few days ago to find an uncanny harmony of vine-ripe tomatoes, toasted sesame, green seaweed and soy sauce, and a tangy-sweet rhubarb fruitiness, among others.

Papua New Guinea Tribal Aromas
We've yet to cup this one for ourselves, however, if Barefoot's cupping notes hold true (which they always do) then we're certain that the Tribal Aromas will be an unsurpassed coffee experience in the history of coffee in Reno. Banana cream pie? What?! With whipped cream? Where will it stop?! Creamy, tropical fruits salad? Scrumptious and scintilating (look it up).

Flores Wongawali Bajawa
Wonga-what? You can call it "Flores" for short. Flores, Portuguese for "flowers", is one of the big islands of the Lesser Sunda archipelago in the Indonesian Ocean near Sumatra. It's not everyday we see anything of such remote nature in Reno, Nevada. And you can look forward to unique regional characteristics in this coffee, with flavors of ripe of tropical fruits together with sweet thai basil and sweet rep peppers.

And as stated, these three are not the last. We'll be rolling out the red carpet for many more fresh coffee harvests over the coming month: loads of new coffees from El Salvador; microlots from the lovely Finca Vista Hermosa of Guatemala; another beauty from El Socorro y Anexos, the farm that brought us last harvest's Guatemalan Cup of Excellence; and we'll be buried in infamous blueberry goodness with a new harvest Ethiopian Sidamo. And I may have missed some others... but that just means you have to check back at The Hub so you don't miss out!!!!!

Coffee never had it so good in the Biggest Little City!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fireworks Day

Happy happy holiday everybody. Stop by for coffee early tomorrow, because The Hub closes up at 12 p.m. so we have sufficient time to get ready to see some fireworks! And don't forget about the FREE cupping at 10 a.m. on Sunday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Already home to many.

Smiles that only a $7 cup of Guatemalan goddess coffee could invoke.

It has been quite some time since our last update. Oops.

We're well into week two in our cozy little coffee garage at 32 Cheney St. And what a week our first one was! Spreadin' that sweet coffee love all over Reno. The Hub's the buzz all over town. Already, The Hub is already home to so many! Local cycling celebrity Bubba Melcher frequents The Hub for coffee and cat naps... And Mallory and her dog hold band practice on the patio daily!

We've had some big plans for the coffee crazies of Reno, Nevada. And already so many have come to find out just what The Hub Coffee Co. is all about. It says it all in the name: coffee. And only the best. Single-origin espressos... what?! Sunday coffee cuppings?... like a wine tasting? Cup of Excellence? Guatemalan coffee royalty! What is this stuff?!?!

We have some new coffees in as well! New Brazilian Daterra Farms Santo Colomba! Always at the top of their game, Daterra has pull all their TLC into these little brown beauties (the coffee beans, of course). And a Kenyan! Nyeri Karindundu... what did he just say?! East African's are alway's a joy. My personal favorites. So this one is definitely a must.

TRY OUR NEWEST COFFEES @ OUR FREE CUPPING! Traditional coffee tasting - this Sunday @ 10am sharp! And it's free! However, depending on how many people show up, I may have to cut the numbers so I make sure everyone that is attending gets the proper experience and education. That just means you have to beat everyone else to the cupping table! See you there.

We've had some more changes to our business hours... what can I say? After week one, we more or less realized when the money could be made... and also when the money would be lost. So here they are!

Summer Hours @ The Hub:
Mon: 6am-3pm
Tue: 6am-3pm
Wed: 6am-3pm
Thur: 6am-3pm
Fri: 6am-3pm
Sat: 7am-3pm
Sun: 7am-Noon!

And yes, those are final. For real this time. Until the Fall....