Friday, May 22, 2009

Time for an update.

So... I'm obviously not very good at this blog thing. It's been a while since my first post and the media debut of The Hub Coffee Co. Yes, I promise, we are still here. Good coffee is still on the way.

It looks as though The Hub will not be opening up as soon as expected. June 1st seems quite impossible at this time. BUT! Don't try and get used to your Starbucks motor oil yet! We've only had to push back the prospective opening to the middle of June.

A little update to hold you all over: Drywall is up... painting has begun! We're cleaning up those beautiful brick walls over the weekend. And we're pouring concrete in the front for the outdoor seating area in the coming days! Yessir.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Build-out of the shop has officially started!!! Actually, it has been under way for several weeks now.

We set out to reconstruct a simple brick garage on Cheney Street, in Reno's Midtown area just south of Downtown on Virginia Street. An area for a bathroom sectioned off in the back quarter of our 400 sq. ft. area... electrical outlets strategically positioned along the west wall of the commons-area... exciting stuff, right? Right?! Hmmm....

Well the really good stuff is yet to come. We have many friends helping out in the development of our lovely little casa de caffeine and, with the collaborative genius of these friends, we only expect wonderful things as we get closer and closer to our projected opening date, June 1!!!

In the mean time, here are some pictures of the garage at this point in the process...

Front of the shop... and the driveway that will be the future patio for those beautiful summer evenings in Reno!

Contractor and Papa Trujillo, the man with the vision... standing in what will soon be the bar area for our knowledgeable baristi of the Hub Coffee Co.

Looking back towards the seating area... tables? an espresso bar? comfy couches?! We don't know yet!