Sunday, December 20, 2009

Coffee for Christmas? And a Hub mug, too?

A bit last minute... but you know what they say, "Better late than never!" We want to throw out some wonderful Christmas present ideas to all of our followers, and it's all available at The Hub!

What could be better than whole bean coffee for those last-minute stocking stuffers? And just think how much more magical Christmas morning could be when your loved one opens up his gift only to get knocked in the nose with warm aromatics from those tasty beans? Then a fresh brew to get you through all those other presents... Mmmmmmm! Now with the big day only five days away, you can guarantee that the coffee won't stale as it rests beneath that 12-foot beauty-of-a-christmas-tree you have standing tall and mighty in your living room.

And to compliment that fresh bag of beans, we have custom Hub diner mugs for $10! The Hub logo graces each side of these 10 oz. mugs, and every time you bring it in for use at the coffee shop you'll get a 25 cent discount. For all our die-hards out there, we know it won't be long before these babies pay for themselves. Only 40 visits? We have some coffee crazies that could bust that out in a week's time! Not to mention you can show off to all your buddies where you get your coffee without even saying a word! Just a sip and a sigh of enjoyment and they'll have a hankerin' for The Hub, and you'll be the coolest coffee dude in town.

Buy either a bag of beans, or a Hub diner mug, or both! We have fancy gift boxes and a little discount if you go all out. $20 will get you 8 oz. of tasty coffee and a fancy mug! And if you're just not sure what to get, buy a gift certificate. We have those, too!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


sscxwc frameset.
crazy right....

SUNDAY December 13th

Head to Head racing, beer drinking and good ol' times !
There will be cash and prizes for the WINNERS and FASTEST TIME !
and make sure to get on the RAFFLE for the

LIMITED EDITION (1 of 49) Raleigh Single speed
CROSS FRAMESET size 57..... what ? there's only how many..?

there are only 125 available at $10 each! So there's a GOOD CHANCE you might
actually win it... yep you. thats right, the one who's reading this. you.
go ahead and by em' all if you want - but chances are you're only gonna get a couple,
so hurry- get chu some.
a portion of the proceeds goes to the Northern Nevada food bank!! - there now . isn't that nice :)
don't ya feel good. go ahead now, run on, get yoself a ticket. get out there - slam a few beers (be responsible)
and sprint hard.

have a look at the site itself at the following link


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tweet that!

We're officially "those guys" that Tweet exciting news to their supporters. Yay!

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