Monday, June 15, 2009

First espressos!

We pulled some of the first espresso on the La Marzocco GB5 earlier this evening at Reno's new coffee epicenter, The Hub! Sweet and tangy tangerine, thick caramel wrapped in rich cacao, hints of cherry and molasses popping through intermittently to slap your taste buds silly... as close to coffee heaven as you'll get. Only at The Hub.

The Hub's espresso is the finest. The big daddy of 'spro. The boss. And it really is named "The Boss"... what better to name an espresso that, in my opinion, shines so high above all the others? Barefoot Coffee (the 'foot) doesn't just outdo themselves, and spoil coffee fanatics like you and me, with their killer 'spro; Barefoot Coffee takes it above and beyond the industry norms in their day to day relations with the hundreds (thousands?!) of rural coffee farmers and coffee-farming cooperatives in countries like Guatemala, Brazil, El Salvador, India, and Ethiopia, just to name a few. Purchasing coffees directly from farmers at often much higher prices than the minimum guaranteed by Fair Trade certification, Barefoot supports and promotes a way of doing business that will ensure long-standing relationships filled with trust between the producer and the buyer and a product that is not just of high quality in culinary terms, but of high quality in sustainable terms: ethically, environmentally, and economically.

Often times, because of economic reasons, farming communities do not have the financial means to obtain any of the many premium certifications available on the world coffee market. Despite this "official" labeling, Barefoot coffees are quite often still farmed organically, in natural, shaded forest or mountain climates, and purchased at greater-than-Fair Trade prices. Why? It is all in keeping with their high sustainability standards. At The Hub, you know where your money goes; and you can appreciate and feel proud of the fact that you are paying for more than just an amazing sensorial experience, because you are also helping to prolong tradition and communities all across the globe.

All these wonderful coffees and the ideals that their purchase promotes will be available for those in Reno and anyone else who happens to stumble upon The Hub Coffee Co. on their way through the Biggest Little City! This coming Friday, the 19th, will be our first morning serving coffee to the masses (Let me qualify that... If all goes well with our final inspection tomorrow! Hope your fingers are still crossed from the last time I mentioned inspections...). Hope to see you then for your morning coffee!

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