Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yet more "finishing" touches?

I'm sorry!... I may have spoken too soon by saying we were to the finishing touches as of my last update. I'm not sure if we can group all of this stuff into what I'd think of as the finish of our little coffeehouse. There is still a lot of work to be done. We've had our first inspection with the city, and there are many more to come over the next few days. Keep your fingers crossed! We think we got it in the bag, but these city officials are tough.

Anyhow, The Hub is finally starting to look like a coffeehouse! A business, at least. The old brick garage we've been converting doesn't look like a garage anymore! Take a look for yourself:

The pictures: the very necessary wheel-action shot, with our custom steel, laser-cut signage off in the distance!; the infamous La Marzocco GB5 (now you know); reflections on the back wall of the work area, adorned with 24 4 x 4 in. mirrors; the legitimitization (that's right) of our garage with the heavy-duty, glass-paneled overhead door!; and yet another shot of the GB5, close-up of its elegance (And there's no such thing as too many pictures of the La Marzocco, I assure you. It will be the lead singer in our coffee choir, singing beautiful song for your caffeinated ears).

The plumbing has been finished for a day or two, and all of the electrical was wrapped up today. That's mostly good news!!! We can hook up the equipment now, and maybe even serve up some espresso for ourselves as we slave away on the rest of our "to do" list. But let's hope tomorrow is more productive for us than today... Oh, you mean we needed to put this crap up under the counters before all of the plumbing fixtures were set and now we have to work around them all when we have no idea what we're doing? Thank you, Mr. Plumber.

And on a side note: Tomorrow's the boss' birthday. He'll be working hard scrubbing brick walls and installing hot water towers and espresso machines on his 43rd birthday. We should all be so lucky! (Forget 43, and make sure you congratulate him on 48... it'll be hilArious)

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