Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Business license... check!

We've finally secured our all-necessary business license with the City of Reno! (Applause?) Yes, we are stoked!!! I felt like a giddy little kid on Christmas Eve! I think Mark nearly chewed his hand off he was so overwhelmed by the suspense as the city health inspector scrutinized every little bit of our coffee garage. But we're golden! And now it's a two-day prep to get ready for opening day! Or morning, I should say. Friday, June 19th will be our first time opening the doors to the community! Opening at 6 a.m., bright and early, so you can get your fix at the coolest little coffeehouse in Reno and then head on over to the park to watch the coolest bike race in America!!!! The Tour de Nez!

The Tour de Nez is back in downtown Reno! And the community should be super excited. Last year just didn't feel complete without the Tour gracing us with its presence in downtown Reno for a kickass bike racing event. I hope you'll all go out and support the race (after you stop at The Hub, of course), so we can welcome the Tour back to downtown
Reno with a bang. And, seeing as The Hub is deeply rooted in this Reno cycling scene, we may actually be closed for the afternoon on Friday. I'll be doing my part volunteering and coordinating some aspects of the event, and Pops will be spinning his legs, warming up for the Old Man's (I'm sorry... the "Masters") race at 4:00p.m. Who would run the shop?!

Saturday, again, will be a "Part II" of our soft opening. We'll be making sweet coffee love for the community coffee crazies all Saturday morning. Monday, then, will be our first full day of operation. A good start to the week, if you ask me.

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