Saturday, November 14, 2009

Making friends and slinging straight PUCKS at the HUB !


(Photos from the Amaro Gayo coffee mill in Sidamo, Ethiopia)

sipping the BOSS Espresso on a Saturday at the HUB, and would you look at the pucks J DUB was slinging .....
Not to mention that the GLORIOUSLY balanced and thickly sweet , straight up SIDAMO Berried Ethiopian Amaro Gayo is back in the house ! taste like sweet berries and heavy cream... oh lawd!
We get a nice blueberry profile behind each sip. Come in and try one , tell us what you think !

We also had the privilege of meeting Wille (Vee-ley) who is the Owner and Roaster of HEART Coffee and Roasting. He brought in a GREAT single origin Ethiopia Mordecofe Espresso, we pulled a couple of shots with it and it truly brought the house down !
check their new place out in Portland on East Burnside if your up there. Its great to meet other coffee enthusiasts and Roasters who actually know about their coffees, care about how its prepared and make coffee not only a daily ritual but a mission !

see the link below

Heart Coffee and Roasting

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