Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DOLLAR wednesdays !

For those of you "HUBBERS" who don't know, Wednesday's are DOLLAR SHOT DAYS if you ride your whip ( thats your bike MAN ! ) to the HUB !! Alot of you are starting to catch on, and we are seeing more and more bikes line up outside the HUB gates every Wednesday ! So start riding that whip of yours to the hub on Wednesdays and get on some of that BOSS espresso (1 DOLLAR ) or even better- try a shot of our SINGLE ORIGIN espresso for 2 bucks ! ! This week's Single Origin is the Brazil Daterra Monte Cristo which is DECADENT bakers chocolate with hints of florals behind each sip ! Its got these crazy low bass notes that mix in with some light twinkling fruit hits . It will blow your mind, And yes - its straight from the Amazon ya'll !

so giddy up kiddo's - Ride your bike, get a work out in the cold and save the environment ! You'll be glad you did !!

we love you!

the HUB

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