Monday, July 27, 2009

The Hub in the Media

Just back from a little vacation! Luca "I'm not really Mexican" Alvarez, our resident Italian at The Hub, and the big boss himself, Mark Trujillo, were able to hold down the fort alright. But I guess I had to come back some time so they could have a little break.

But while I was away on my little trip, I had time to take everything in. Serenaded by the sea gulls of the Southern Oregon coastline, dreaded golden locks wafting about in the frigid sea breeze, I began to ponder our first month of business... and I began to realize just how lucrative it really was. Case in point: The Hub was featured, in detail, in 5 different publications in its first month alone! One instance being a television report (click me!) by Tom Henkenius of the Channel 2 News! Others included a spotlight in the Green Guide (click me!) of the RN&R, and features on (and me) and Downtown Makeover (and me). And we can't forget the great reviews we've recieved from our happy customers on Yelp (click me too)! And while you're on Yelp, feel free to write another wonderful review. Much appreciated!

So we're into month two now... and we'd like to say thanks to everyone that's made The Hub a huge success already! And for those of you who've yet to check us out, we hope to see you soon for a coffee experience you've never before had in The Biggest Little City.

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