Monday, March 21, 2011

We're still here!

Still making tasty coffee at 32 Cheney St.

And we've received our little mini coffee roaster. That means we're entering the first phases of our very own roasting operation at The Hub! Hub-roasted coffee is on the way!


  1. Hi Hub glad to see you on blogspot too! I am looking forward to sharing the sky to your guests this spring! Feel free to visit my blog and scroll through it a bit and get a feel for what I try to do. My goals are to make the universe fun & assessable to everyone!

    Will you be having later hours in the spring or summer? There is so much fun astronomy to be done in the early evening hours or morning before noon.

    Thanks for your kind openness to the Sidewalk Universe Guy!

  2. Oh glory be! I've been down in a while and may very well get a cuppa before having to trudge through another work day.