Thursday, April 22, 2010


A couple of new employees, Chris Bonde and Jessica Devine. Come say hello!

Check out the current coffee offerings. (----> over there ---->)

Single-origin espresso is back in action (at least it has been for about a week now). SOE means you're in for something special, something unique, and something explicit. In your face espresso. The luxury of a blend is the ability to fill in the gaps (lack of body, sweetness, acidity, etc.) with one coffee where another coffee in the blend may be missing the ball. With a SOE (single-origin espresso) you have an explosive representation of that specific coffee, in the raw, it is what it is. One may exhibit an immense sweetness, but be lacking in body or mouthfeel, for example. But it tastes dern good nevertheless. Come get it!

Weather in Reno is crazy! Not news to anyone really... same as it ever was (!). But thanks for sticking with us and keeping the garage packed and your bellies addicted to coffee!

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  1. can't wait to check you guys out when we come to reno this summer!