Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter update!

Hello Hubbers. I've been without a computer! So I'm going to use that as my excuse for not having updated the blog in a while...

Happy Easter! (to those whom it may apply) Things have been good at The Hub! Spring will soon be in full bloom, Reno will no longer be an icebox, the sun will be shining, and we can all kick it on the patio and sip on some tasty espresso.

For those of you that missed out, this last Wednesday we hosted our first musical event at The Hub. Michael Grant, of Endeverafter, was the official MC of the little acoustic show, and many of our other wonderful customers flocked to The Hub, instruments in hand, to play along. It was great! Cozy and intimate. I believe the weather kept a large amount of people from coming out to the show, but we're shooting for another in a time of warmer weather! (patiO!!!)

We've recieved a few new coffees from Barefoot Coffee Roasters as of our last update. Brand new Rwandan Kopakama! Come and get it. Is good! And while you're at it, grab a cup of the new Finca Vista Hermosa Peaberry. Oh so nice. Along with these two, we're occassionally brewing up the Brazil Daterra Redcab and the Sulawesi from the Sapan Collective. You can read about all of these coffee-growing countries, regions, farms, and the specific lots of coffee themselves at Barefoot's website!

Intelligentsia is still keeping us stocked with wonderful Black Cat espresso. Yum. The blend has changed yet again: Brazil Fazenda Sertaozinho now pairs up with an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from the Dama Cooperative. But it's still got that same great Black Cat-ness. Same as it ever was.

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