Saturday, January 9, 2010

Currently brewing at The Hub...

Check out the brew list to the right of the blog homepage. We have some amazing coffees in the line-up currently.

We brewed up Barefoot's Kenya Nyeri Kiawamururu for the first time this morning and it blew our socks off! Hot buttered popcorn and caramel? Seriously though. It's good. Tasty berry goodness, the one and only Ethiopia Sidamo Amaro Gayo from Barefoot, is also available. Yet another coffee that'll convert any syrup and sugar addict to a black coffee drinker. It's that good! Along with the Barefoot beans, we have the delicate and delectable Colombia Finca Santuario from Intelligentsia Coffee.

We're bringing back the single-origin espresso very, very soon. All our S.O. espresso fans can look forward to thick blueberry syrup in a cup when we get around to throwing Barefoot's Amaro Gayo in the espresso grinder. Stay tuned!

Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled, we'll be receiving a few new coffees from both Barefoot and Intelligentsia over the coming weeks. Allow me to plant this little bug in your ear: The Brazil Agua Preta from Intelligentsia will make you squeal (only in the best of ways, of course).

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