Sunday, August 30, 2009

Best of Reno 2009

It's that time! And for those of you who don't know what time it is... it's this time! (Keep reading.)

We are all consumers here in the Biggest Little City. And certainly there are businesses here and there that we all frequent more than others, businesses of which we are particularly fond. The Reno News & Review's Best of Reno is a chance for everyone to voice their opinion. Vote! It doesn't matter what (or for whom or where) you vote. Just vote!

Do it in the name of community; do it as a way of furthering your support for this business or that business, this local event or that local event, this barista (!!!) or that barista; and vote in the name of independent, local business!

It's a quick process. Ten minutes max if you are super thorough. Just click here and it'll take you to the sign-up page at the RN&R website. Like I said, quick. Just create an account and vote away!

Happy (local, independent) voting!

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