Thursday, June 4, 2009

It will open soon.... I swear!

It's almost open!!!!!!!!!

Been working on opening up shop just outside of downtown Reno, NV. Perfect location: centered along a long strip of tattoo parlors, independent eateries, thrift stroes, you name it. Perfect set-up: an old brick garage, small enough to maintain with ease, but just big enough to cram in a cozy little coffeehouse. And the perfect time to open up if you ask me: the start of summer, a time when customers may come to enjoy some wonderful outdoor seating at The Hub, and a time when Reno is picking up the pace and redefining what it means to spend time in downtown Reno.

We are all very excited for the shop. We already have a great group of enthusiastic and eager employees to take care of operations behind the counter, and we are very close to finishing up the construction side of things! Our wonderful bike wall (way better than your average bike rack) has been erected; all the necessary machinery has been tracked down and purchased; we're putting on the finishing touches for the decor in the shop; and all of it eagerly awaits the 15th of this month!

Now you know. June 15th is our current projected date of opening for The Hub Coffee Co., just in time for cycling mayhem at the Mighty Tour de Nez!!!! Keep your fingers crossed, minor setbacks certainly aren't outside of the norm in this kind of situation. In any case, we're still working hard to bring The Hub to Reno, NV, and it WILL be here eventually!

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