Thursday, June 18, 2009

First day for pay!

I've just returned back home to get what little sleep I can before the big day tomorrow. Ah! I have to be back up at 4:30a.m. Times like these really allow me to appreciate them good coffee drugs in the mornin'.

We had an amazing day at The Hub. Finished some final touches in the shop. So many things, you'll have to just come in to see! (But quite a few more things still to do... work with us! Just as long as you can get your fix, right?) If you happened to have seen the garage before the remodel, you'll be in awe, I assure you. As one girl put it today, "Oh, it looks so cute!". I guess you could put it that way. But whichever way you look at it, it looks as if the garage was meant for The Hub! It all just fits so well!

As I said, today was amazing. We were not even officially open, simply had the garage door up and the espresso machine warmed up for some friends. Next thing we knew, we were serving coffees, talkin' it all up, spreadin' the coffee knowledge (or as we like to say, the coffee love!), and had a tip jar with nearly $100 dollars in it! And we were featured on News Channel 2 at 5:30 in a story on the redevelopment of the entire Midtown area! Money and free publicity before we were even open!!!!!!!! What?! No complaints here.

We certainly felt the excitement coming from those who managed to drop by today, and we hope we exhibited a high level excitement on our part as well. We just want to have fun, drink amazing coffee, make good friends, and hopefully, at the end of it all, make a little money so we can continue to do the first three things! So thank you to everybody who has already begun to show their support: Tim Healion and the entire Tour de Nez crew, all of our cycling buddies, our fellow business owners in the Midtown area, all of our customers from Walden's Coffeehouse, and everyone else who supported today, will support tomorrow, or the next day. You're all part of our big coffee-drinkin' family!

So tomorrow makes it official... we start wranglin' in those dollar bills and bustin' out some killer espressos for anyone and everyone that stops in at The Hub. From 6a.m. to 12p.m. tomorrow and Saturday, closed on Sunday (a little time for us to gather ourselves one last time), and then it's full tilt starting Monday at 6a.m. So have a wonderful weekend, make sure you check out the Tour de Nez in downtown Reno tomorrow starting at 4p.m., and we hope to see you soon for the best coffee you ever did have! And I'll leave it at that.

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  1. Thanks for the excellent coffee and great conversation today.
    Melanie at Never Ender